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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book my Storage in advance?
YES! Most customers we deal with choose to plan ahead & book a move in date for the future. We like to give you peace of mind that Storage is sorted no matter what date ahead you choose to move.

If I book in advance, can I change my move in date?
YES! At Speedy Storage, we pride ourselves on being completely flexible to suit you - we will just ask you to keep us in the loop with the expected move in date; we can move the date as many times as you need to! Remember, no payment is taken until you actually move in.

What if I need more space/a bigger room than I thought on my move in day?
Don't worry!
We love to make Storage as easy/stress free as possible for all of our customers - if you arrive and you need more space than you thought, we can just change you into a more suitable room, it's really not a problem. We have so many options here, you will never be stuck.

What do prices start from?
The real beauty at Speedy Storage is that you can choose from INDOOR or OUTDOOR storage - Our 25 square foot indoor room (small garden shed size) start from only £52.33 a month including VAT. This size of room is very popular for people wanting to store their camping/fishing/hobby belongings & can fit a good amount of boxes in.

What are the opening hours?
Outdoor Containers - 24/7 access, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Come and go as you please using your unique PIN to open our secure gated access.
Indoor Rooms - 7am - 7pm, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Unique PIN to open pedestrian & roller door to get your belonginings in & out.

How can I book my self storage?
  1. By using our website (once booked, we will call you)
  2. Calling 01278 780088
  3. Emailing us:  everything@speedystorage.space
  4. Coming into the office TA9 3DE (next door to the Gulf Petrol Station on Huntspill Road)  we do recommend booking a meeting/appointment so we can ensure we are here & offer you a one to one personal service. 

How will I know where my storage unit is & how to gain access?
If you choose to book online, we will call you to talk through access information, we also send over maps, step by step information & photos via Whatsapp or email so everything is super easy for you. If you book over the phone or in person, we still send all the information to make sure you have it to refer back to throughout your stay with us. You can move in without us being there (a lot of customers choose to) or you can choose to move in when we can be with you to assist, whichever you prefer.

How does payment work?

Payment is monthly & you only pay on the day of your move in. So for example, if you moved in on the 10th of April, your next payment date would be the 10th of May then the 10th of June and so on... Payment is automated & all prices include VAT.

Am I signed into staying with you for a certain time?
All customers pay monthly, so the minimum stay is one month. You will pay for a month at a time. You are not tied in to any longer, however if you choose to stay for less than one month, you will not receive any refund.

What notice do I have to give when I leave?
We hope you stay with us forever! We also know this isn't realistic... When you decide you no longer need your storage space, you just need to let us know, ideally we'd like a months' notice however we are flexible & know this isn't always possible. We just ask for as much notice as possible. When you leave we do not refund any payments already made so it's worth noting your payment date when you move in with us or we will remind you of it when you let us know you are going to be moving out.

When are staff available/office open?
Our office is open & manned 5 days a week Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm. We do have 3 storage sites so if we are not sat at our desk we are probably showing customers around/ doing some maintenance. We do most of our viewings at the end of the day between the hours of 4-5pm so this is when we may be out & about rather than sat in the office.  We do recommend calling before you arrive/booking an appointment, as we like to make sure we are here to welcome you in & give you the one to one personal service we like to deliver to all customers.

At the weekend can we still access the storage?
YES ! We don't need to be here, you can help yourself at both our Indoor & Outdoor sites using your unique PIN to access.

Will my belongings get damp or mouldy being stored in a storage unit?
As long as your belongings are clean & dry when they go into storage, they should stay this way. Our storage containers/rooms are well ventilated & we pride ourselves on ensuring they are cleaned & sanitised for each and every customer before your move in date. We do sell 'Dampsticks' which gives peace of mind to customers if they have worries about damp/moisture coming from anything they are putting into storage. (ask office for more info)

What am I not allowed to store?

1. Live animals
2. Explosives, Firearms
3. Flammables
4. Ilegal Goods
5. Food or perishable goods (unless securely packed)